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I graduated at Music High School “Liceo Musicale Dante” in Florence (IT) in 2017, where I studied a lot about music such as music technology, music composition and analysis, orchestra, flute and piano.

I had the opportunity to study my third year of High School, in 2014/2015, in Kaposvár, Hungary, following an Intercultural Year Program. While attending a classical studies program in a Gymnasium, piano lessons and flute were held at the Conservatory.

After my studies I decided to enjoy FS1 team in Salzburg (AT), in order to live my second experience abroad and learn about new media.

While waiting for the departure, I followed a short intensive course for sound technician (Labella Recording Studio, Empoli - IT), where I learned more about the subject.

With FS1, local community TV, I could participate in a lot of different productions. For example, the creation of a documentary film (“Salzburg 1938”), where I tried different rules on film set - set runner, camera assistant, audio assistant, light assistant.

Since September 2019 I'm studying at Fachhochschule Salzburg, degree program MultiMediaArt with specialization in Audio.

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